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We will help you navigate
the aged care placement maze.


Need help with Residential Care Placement?

aged care maze
Navigating the residential aged care maze can be difficult.

With the recent aged care reforms and increased options to consider, it is even more important to obtain experienced and impartial advice.

Make your journey easier by having our aged care placement specialists by your side, each step through the maze.

Finding your way through
the aged care placement maze ....

Many family carers have told us that finding quality aged care for their elderly loved one was like "navigating a maze" - but it really doesn't have to be that way.

By using our dedicated aged care placement specialists, to help you with all aged care placement activities, you will:
  • have a single point of contact for the complete aged care placement process,
  • reduce the possibility of mistakes being made.
  • save your time and effort,
  • minimise the cost of accommodation,
  • make a more informed decison,
  • reduce your stress level.
Our dedicated and reliable aged care placement team will always place you family loved one first, assisting you to navigate the maze, and achieve the best aged care placement outcome.

Are you overwhelmed by
the aged care placement process?

To fully understand the quality of care, accommodation and lifestyle services available you will need to complete detailed research and you will need time available to get that all done.
  • What are the steps required to achieve the best placement for your elderly loved one ?

  • How can you be sure that the care and accommodation option selected is the best alternative?
Placing your elderly loved one into any aged care home should never be left to chance or done in a hurry. We have already completed the research. We have the information you need.

We have been through the process many hundreds of times - and you will benefit from our experience and knowledge.

How do you choose between
residential aged care options?

Choosing between the available aged care homes and making the right decision can be daunting.
  • What is the quality of care at each home?

  • Are there worthwhile activity programs available?

  • Is the aged care home within my family budget?

  • Should I take a vacancy just because it is there - or will I forever regret my hasty decision?
There are many things to consider; so choosing the right aged care home for your family can quickly become an overwhelming activity for a beginner or the unwary.

Making a more informed decision
about residential aged care placement.

Do you have a question about aged care placement that needs to be answered - Click to contact us now ...

The team at Aged Care Connect are specialists in aged care placement and have been helping families with aged care placement since 2002.

There is no substitute for this experience and extensive knowledge gained from working for families going through the same issues that you may be facing today.

Many families have benefited from our private and independent advice and placement read our family client comments about our service.

During this journey, we have gathered useful information and insights into all aspects of aged care placement.

If you're still at a loss as to where or how to begin your aged care placement activities, contact us now and we can help you get started.

Our staff are compassionate and have empathy for your family situation during this difficult time.

Knowing that your loved one resides in a caring, calm and tranquil environment will give you peace of mind.

At the least, you can explore information on our website and maybe find something useful that has a direct impact upon assisting you and your close one during the aged care placement process.

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Recent Testimonials

Thankyou again for your efforts, your advice and your support in guiding both mum & dad and us through this minefield of complexities! Your help and generosity of time, understanding and compassion have been valued indeed! I'm grateful that this has resulted in an outstanding result with mum and dad settling in more each day - and mum actually saying yesterday "I cannot fault it at the aged care home" that's a long way from "I would die before I would go there" just 2 months ago!! So our thanks to you Wishing you all the joy of the season
Mrs Anita P. (Dec 2014)
I would like to thank you for your support of mum & dad. I would never have thought that we would have mum and dad settled and happy in a home for Christmas. I am particularly grateful for your support in these final few weeks, you have hung on in there, ensuring we get the final details right Merry Christmas to you and your family
Mrs Fiona J. (Dec 2014)
Thank you very much for your valuable support in having mum placed at our preferred aged care facility. Mum seems to have settled in well and she is certainly being well cared for now. We will certainly recommend your services to any of our friends who need assistance in placing their loved ones into an aged care facility. Kind regards
Mr P. Rodoni (Jul 2014)
We have just received notification from Seaviews Manor that they will take John and Jean with a very reasonable incoming accommodation payment for him. We have accepted their offer of accommodation and will pick up the paperwork tomorrow. Thankyou so much for your assistance in this matter. We could not be happier with the outcome. Mrs C Boehm (Jan 2014)
I must say how delighted we are with the aged care home, it is so wonderful. Mother is extremely happy and Brian and I are so impressed with the care. We cant thank you enough for all your help, its been wonderful and we really wouldnt be in this position now without you. I can return interstate to my own home with a much lighter heart confident in mothers care and happiness. Sincere thanks and all the best Mrs L Connell (Sept 13)
Thanks for your help with everything - you take that burden off people's shoulders just by knowing the ins & outs of the industry that most of us are never exposed to. To bounce off someone 'that knows' is more help than you realise. Mrs S Bell (Apr 13)
Thank you for finding me such a great place. I'm settling in well and Allen told me that you were a lot of help in finding this home for me - regards Mrs Y. Smith (Mar 13)
Thank you for all your help - it has certainly made navigating all the paperwork easier. I consider myself fortunate having worked in aged care and have some idea of where to start - pity help other families who do not have a clue. Mrs L. Webb (Jan 13)
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